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We offer e-commerce solutions that deliver the highest quality and service at the lowest price .

Companies that sell on-line experience increased revenues and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

At Aloha By Design we work with many e-commerce providers. There are different solutions for different businesses. One of our favorite's is Shopify Shopping Carts - highly sophisticated, but still low in price, provides owners easy real time management and customers are provided with the features and service they've come to expect from only the best Internet stores.

No matter how sophisticated an e-commerce package is, you need to have the flexibility to customize your storefront and product views in order to attract customers and generate sales. Additionally, no matter how well designed your store is, if the purchase process is too cumbersome, your customers will go elsewhere. Shopify e-commerce solutions recognize this and offer the flexibility to customize a customer-friendly shopping environment, secure and familiar checkout process, and after-purchase customer service.

Keep your customers coming back!
  Make store management easy!
  • Multi-level catalog organization for ease of product and service search ability.
  • Customize views of products, shopping carts, invoices.
  • Secure & Familiar payment capability-Industry standard to keep customer satisfaction high.
  • Support for real-time credit card processing.
  • Immediate customer and merchant notification.
  • Gift Purchase ability with easy messaging and shipping. Gift-wrapping option too!
  • Immediate e-mail confirmation of purchase, credit and shipping.

  • Allocate different levels of access to different managers.
  • Export to Quickbooks, and other business applications with ease.
  • Easy shipping and sales tax management.
  • Promotional events and sales.
  • Easy product and inventory management with your existing database.
  • Record of all incomplete transactions to see what your visitors are interested in.

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